1 minute to judge your eye shape, how to draw eye makeup according to the eye shape?

Everyone likes to watch the makeup tutorials of beauty bloggers. After watching many videos, Abbie finds that the deep contours and three-dimensional features are really dominant.

For women like Audrey Hepburn, who have a natural foundation, there are really not many things to pay attention to, whether it is rich smoky makeup or light daily makeup can be held.

Lancome’s creative director Lisa Eldridge likes “naked” makeup, simple earth-colored eye shadows, and a layer of mascara.

Some partners’ eye sockets are not very deep, and their eyes are a little swollen. You need to use earth-colored eye shadows as a base.

Although peach, water red and other colors are good-looking, they can only be used as the main tone of the color, not the base color. Otherwise, it will increase the swelling feeling and make the eyes look smaller and swollen.
The earth-colored eye shadow can enhance the contrast of light and dark of our contours, deepen the contours, and three-dimensional features, which can greatly reduce the effect of swelling.
Tan, which is not very saturated, is a good choice. It is not easy to get dirty on the upper eye, and it is stress-free for novices.
Eye distance
The width of the eye distance determines the direction and drawing method of the eye makeup to some extent. Some fairies may not pay attention to this.

In addition to the normal eye distance, there is also a “learning” of wide and narrow distances.

Taking the female stars in the entertainment industry as a reference, Abbie first thought of Shu Qi and Ni Ni.

Because the eye distance is relatively wide, the facial features will be less compact, and it will easily give a cool and advanced feeling.

Therefore, when drawing eye makeup, you can’t overemphasize the outer eyeliner. You can refer to Shu Qi’s eye makeup. After sketching the inner eyeliner and retouching the inner eye corners, you don’t need to stretch the end of the eye too much.

Draw an inner eyeliner against the base of the eyelashes. The inner corner of the eye should also be taken care of.

After drawing the nose shadow, you can highlight the bridge of the nose, because the nose can be visually closed after the nose is straightened.

Little fairies with wide eyes may wish to try it.

In addition to the wide eye distance, there are many small fairies with narrow eye distances. The distance between the two eyes is too close, making the whole person look slightly oppressed and not easy to access.

The eye distance of Miss Park Ji-yeon is relatively close. Last time I saw her photos from the airport, her thick eyeliner was a bit over-stretched.

In contrast, her stills emphasize the lines at the end of the eyes, and the inner corners of the eyes are not too much modified. Visually, the eye distance can be made “wider”, which enhances affinity.

Unlike wide eye distances, the inner corners of the little fairies with narrow eye distances should not be over-modified as much as possible.

Focus the eye makeup on the second half, and gently stretch it at the end of the eye to create an outer liner.

In addition to the outer eyeliner, light eye shadows can be used to modify the corners of the eyes, visually enhancing the “swelling feeling” and neutralizing the “urgency” of narrow eye distances.

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