6 steps to applying sunscreen correctly

To make your skin white and flawless, it is important to use sunscreen properly, so that we can not be afraid of the sun!

1.Apply enough

Many people think that applying too much is a waste, so only use one thin layer when applying sunscreen. In fact, it does not meet the standard, and the UV protection effect will be reduced accordingly. The “appropriate amount” is about one square centimeter of skin covered with 0.2 mg of sunscreen. It feels just right if you apply a little more. However, if you apply a lot at a time, it may be unevenly applied. The correct method is to apply it in small amounts and multiple times.

2.Make up in time

Ordinary sunscreen products are poor in water and sweat resistance, and will expire in a long time. If you are outdoors for a long time, apply sunscreen in time. Reapply sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours in the shade. Avoid eye makeup on the face, use makeup water to wipe off the makeup, and re-apply sunscreen and liquid foundation without affecting the makeup. The harm of ultraviolet rays is not just tanning the skin, but the culprit of wrinkles and brown spots in the future. So sun protection is especially important when young. For skin health, use sunscreen products together to protect against UV rays.


6 steps to apply sunscreen:

1. Use sunscreen all year round. Many people, like me, must only use sunscreen when the weather is hot, because our skin can be easily tanned by the sun. In fact, not only in summer, no matter what season, even on cloudy days, the power of ultraviolet rays cannot be underestimated. Although it is not visible now, melanin accumulates slowly in our body, and it will affect the skin over time.

2. Before using sunscreen, clean the skin before applying lotion. If you have dry skin, you can apply a lotion and then apply a layer of lotion before using sunscreen. If you want to be exposed to the sun for a long time, we recommend that you use SPF30 / PA + or higher products. If you stay in the office for a long time and face the computer, you only need to use SPF15 / PA + products.

3. Sunscreen must be applied evenly. Don’t just remember the face, but forget the neck, arms and other parts. Otherwise, we will find that we are all black except for our faces, which is also very bad! Don’t forget behind the ears!

4. Sunscreen should be applied about 20 minutes before going out, because sunscreen does not have sunscreen effect, it needs time for skin absorption. And the sunscreen effect of sunscreen does not last all day, so when you sweat more or apply sunscreen for a few hours, you must reapply sunscreen once.

5. Do not mix sunscreens of various brands. Many people use several brands of sunscreen in order to thoroughly protect their skin and protect their fair and delicate skin, in pursuit of better sun protection. This approach is not right. Multiple brands of sunscreens are mixed together. Not only will several sunscreens repel each other, they may not achieve the desired sunscreen effect, and they may cause allergies. In fact, many excellent sunscreens have good sun protection effects, so you don’t need to use so many products.

6. Use makeup remover. Don’t think that makeup remover is only needed for heavy makeup. You still need to remove makeup when using sunscreen and barrier cream, to avoid sunscreen residue on the skin and clogging pores, causing various problems such as rough skin or acne.

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