Can I just apply cream at night?

It is not allowed to apply only cream at night, because the texture of the cream is thick, so you must use a hydrating product with a lighter texture before using the cream. If you use the cream directly after cleaning the face, it will be difficult for the skin under dehydration Absorbs cream. The right skincare method in the evening is to apply toner and serum after cleansing the face, then apply eye cream, and then use lotion and cream. The texture and effectiveness of toners, essences and creams are completely different and cannot be replaced with each other, so toners and essences cannot be omitted.

After cleaning the face, the skin will feel dry and tight. At this time, you must use toner to replenish the skin. It can also perform secondary cleansing and conditioning of the skin, open the skin, pores, and adjust the PH value of the skin, so that subsequent skin care products can be better absorbed . First use hydration and then use lotions and creams to moisturize. If the cream is used when the skin is relatively dry, it will not only be difficult to absorb, but it will not be easy to push the cream away. A more oily cream will float on the skin. Coupled with the excess oil secreted by the skin due to lack of water, the face will not feel refreshed enough to easily acne.

Before using the cream, make sure to hydrate your skin, activate the cells on your face, and take care of the skin around your eyes. The night is a very good time to care for the skin. The skin is relatively stable during sleep, and its metabolism is relatively high. It can absorb the applied skin care products well and nourish and repair the skin. When using moisturizing products, the skin must be relatively moist. If the moisture on the skin surface has evaporated, the effect of using moisturizing products will not be very good. When using moisturizing products, you must pay attention to the massage method, and pull up along the texture of the skin to make the skin firmer.

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