Do you feel acne when applying cream at night?Four common myths about using creams

Do you feel acne when applying cream at night?

Generally not used correctly, but in a way that will not be stuffy. For example, apply face cream directly after washing the face, which is difficult to absorb, and it is easy to get acne. Day cream and night cream are used upside down, which affects skin absorption and prone to skin problems. Oily muscles should not be used in creams, as it will make the skin more greasy and even stuffy.

Common misunderstandings when using creams

1. Apply face cream directly after washing your face

I believe this is a skin care misunderstanding for most girls, especially in autumn and winter, many people are too lazy to clean skin but worry about dryness and discomfort, so many girls like to directly apply a thick cream after cleansing instead of the entire skin care step This method is not only harmful to skin health, but also makes it difficult for the skin to absorb and stay on the skin surface. The correct way is to cleanse the face with toner afterwards, and then use the essence, the last step is to lock the moisture with a cream, so that there will be watery skin!

2. Day cream night cream upside down

The so-called day cream and night cream are naturally used at different time periods during the day and night, but many little fairies first think that it is okay to use the same cream occasionally. This method is particularly wrong and easy to hurt the skin! Due to the different effects of day cream and night cream, if it is used chaotically, it will affect skin absorption, and it is also prone to skin problems such as acne. And many sun creams have a sun protection index. They must be removed during cleansing at night. But if the night cream is really bad, look at the mirror the next day to know how dull!

3. The more cream applied, the more moisturizing

The cream is the first choice for moisturizing in autumn and winter. Almost everyone must have a bottle of moisturizing cream. However, in order to make the skin more hydrated, many girls do not follow the routine to apply a thick cream. They think that the thicker the moisturizing effect, the better Don’t make this mistake again! No matter what kind of skin is not suitable for applying too much cream, in the end, it will not only affect the skin’s absorption of acne, but it will be more than worth it. Everything is the same truth, too much is not good.

4.Do not use creams based on skin type

Whether it is a cream or other skin care products, everyone needs to choose a skin care product that suits their skin type according to different skin types. Although the cream can effectively moisturize and lock the skin, it is limited to dry skin. Use of oily muscle will make the skin more greasy and even produce acne. Xiaobian also recommends that oily muscle use a refreshing lotion or A gel-type cream is more suitable.

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