Novice can learn super detailed makeup steps, teach you to learn makeup from scratch!

Although the makeup is said to be fine and how it comes, novices should still add it step by step. For example, we must first learn to draw eyebrows, then learn to choose lipsticks that suit you, then base makeup, and then we can try eye shadows Higher level makeup steps.

Below, Abbie talks about the super detailed makeup steps that the hand disabled party can also learn, and teaches you to learn makeup from scratch!

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The correct steps for makeup:

Sunscreen, Cream, Foundation (BB Cream / Liquid Foundation / Powder), Concealer, Loose Powder, Brow Powder / Brow Pencil, Eye Shadow, Liquid Eyeliner, Mascara, Highlighter / Retouch, Blush, Lipstick.

However, novice skin care and initial makeup do not need to be too complicated, just simple! And it is not suitable for more expensive skin care products and cosmetics with fast recovery and deep colors!

Part 1 base makeup

1.Sun & Cream

Sunscreen and cream are products that are used as a primer before makeup. Depending on the type, they can generally control oil, moisturize, sunscreen, or adjust the skin tone. When applying the cream on the face, apply it along the direction of pore growth to avoid the cream Excessive particulate matter fills the pores, causing inconvenience in removing makeup. ,

In fact, with sunscreen, it is not recommended to use makeup milk and cream. The sunscreen itself is oily and has an emollient effect. In addition, it can protect against UV rays. It is very practical.

2, base makeup

Use your fingers to apply liquid foundation. The light and heavy grip can make the makeup feel more even, but if you want flawless makeup, use a brush.

Make sure to pay attention to the color of the neck, face and chest in the base makeup, otherwise you will feel like wearing a mask.

3. Makeup

Never assume that foundation and foundation are the same thing. The foundation is used to “change” the shape of the face, not to modify the complexion. When applying makeup, you need to use at least 2 types of powder, one dark and one light.

Part 2 Eye Makeup

4, thrush

Eyebrows are important! The shape of the eyebrows can directly affect your face shape, but the eyebrows are not easy to paint, and sometimes you will be transformed into “crayon Shinchan” or “high and low eyebrows”. For novices, you can try to use eyebrow powder and fill eyebrows with eyebrow powder Gently evenly spread and slightly smear, so a perfect eyebrow shape appears.

5, eye shadow

It is usually matt and pearlescent to brighten. Sequins can be used to brighten the eyes and lying silkworms. It is recommended to start with the earth color system.

6, eyeliner

Eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, soft / hard eyeliner, eyeliner. The eyeliner is easy to use and suitable for novices. If you accidentally draw it wrong, don’t worry, just wipe it off with a cotton swab and some emulsion.

7. Mascara

Before applying mascara, curl your lashes with a curler. Generally curl from the root, middle and tip of the eyelashes. Hold the brush horizontally and carefully brush from the base of the eyelashes to the tip. Be careful not to paint the fly’s legs, and keep swinging with zigzag while painting.

Part 3 Blush & Makeup & Highlight

Highlights and blushes. Putting blush on the cheeks makes the whole face less pale and more complexion. The highlights can hit the bridge of the nose, the T-shaped area of the forehead, and the raised part of the chin. The shadow on the side of the bridge of the nose can make the bridge of the nose more straight, and the overall facial features are more Three-dimensional.

Remember to use a brush for the nose shadow, so that it can be more natural and superimposed in small quantities.

Part 4 Lip Makeup

It is advisable to base the lips before applying the base makeup to fully moisturize the lips.

Use your fingertips to pick up a small amount of liquid foundation, and use it to gently open the contours of your lips. In this way, the curves of your lips are displayed naturally. , And then indicate the position of the peak of the lip directly below the center of the nostril. Apply lipstick on the inner side surrounded by the lip line, and carefully apply the inner side of the lips so that the lipstick does not exceed the lip line.

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