Take a look at these 9 haircuts that look difficult, but actually are very simple hairstyles! All sucks!

Braiding is also one of the styles that girls like to do! In the field of girls’ hairstyles, braiding is the hairstyle trend that best reflects individuality, and also the most ingenious side of girls! Presumably in the eyes of many girls, the compilation and distribution process can only be completed by girls with thin hands! There are complex and simple hair styles. These 9 styles are the most common 9 styles in our daily life. Many girls will mistakenly think that these hairstyles are so beautiful. It must be difficult to weave. In fact, many girls The 9 editions are misunderstood, so take a look at the 9 editions with Xiaobian! Take a closer look and learn in a few minutes.

1.Shrimp tail braid

This hairstyle is a benefit for office workers. If you are in a hurry in the morning and worry that you don’t have much time, you can choose this hairstyle. Just three or two can be done! Let’s first make a small twist braid from the left side, then wrap the remaining hair around the twist braid, and finally fix it with your favorite hair clip. Is it a super simple hairstyle?

2.Waterfall braid

This hairstyle has some fairy feeling, comes with some attributes of dreamy girl! This hairstyle has a certain texture, we still grab 2 hairs from the side, and then separate a hair from the top of the head. After setting up a hairstyle, hang a bunch of hair from the top of the head naturally, then grab a part of the hair Weaving, and so on, and finally two plaits together!

3.Prepared by Bohemia

Bohemian style with beach style has always been the preferred hairstyle for vacation girls. We first grab the hair on the head, weave two braids randomly, one large and one small, and then twist the three strands of hair together. Tighten it up. This hairstyle looks very feminine.


A vibrant hairstyle! First split the ponytail into two strands, twist it in two directions, twist it into a braid, and then tie the tail at the hair. This ponytail braid looks easier than a three-strand braid, which is very suitable for student parties.

5.Bud head braided

After all, this hairstyle is full of vitality and energy, and it is a kind of strength in the process of weaving! First, grab three strands of hair from the neck upwards. During the weaving process, continuously grab the hair from both sides, knit along the top of the head, and finally tie the remaining hair with rubber bands and twist it. Just use a hairpin to fix it.

6.Scorpion braid

A beautiful hairstyle with a sense of street shooting! First, take a large strand of hair from the top of the head to make an average of 3 strands, and then continue to grab the hair from both sides to make a braid. Oh!

7.Platter Fishtail

This braid looks a bit intricate, but it’s actually easier to master its rules and textures! First grab a large bundle of hair from the top of the head, and continuously grab a large area of hair from the other side to braid a large braid and tie it with a rubber band. This hairstyle also needs to ensure the looseness and bulkiness of the braids. Just grab the braids and fix them with hair gel.

8.Double fish bone braided hair

This braid follows the same principle as the big-tail fishtail braid. The hair is first averaged into four strands, the braided hair is the same as the twist braid, and finally it looks natural when grabbing. In addition, pay attention to the two hairs are divided into equal parts. Just serve it.

9.Rose braided

This style of hair is not only personalized but also very beautiful and romantic. If your hair is long curly hair, the effect will be better! Make a twist braid on each of the left and right sides, and twist the hair into a flower-shaped bun when it is halfway, and then fix it with a clip. Then compile the remaining hair into a braid and fix it with a rubber band .

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