Teach your how to iron your eyelashes

Although eyelash curlers or eyelash curling are very convenient, it takes five minutes every day. In order to maintain the curl of the eyelashes every day, you must use eyelash curlers before applying mascara. Recently, it is popular for girls to curl their eyelashes!

Not using an eyelash curler, but your own eyelashes just like your hair! It sounds like it can make your eyes very discharged!

This box contains two molds, glue, two eyelashes, two adjustment sticks, and cotton.

First apply the glue to the mold first ~ so that the mold can be attached to the eyelids! After the mold is applied to the eyelids, apply the glue from bottom to top on the eyelashes.

Then apply the first eyelash curling agent to the eyelashes. After waiting for five minutes, use cotton to wipe the medicine off from the bottom up.

Finally, apply the last medicine on the eyelashes. After waiting five minutes, wipe the medicine on the eyelid mold and eyelashes to finish.

The above method allows you to simply have curled eyelashes. The effect can be maintained for a month as long as it is well maintained. It is really convenient! Although the waiting time is a bit funny, but for the beautiful eyelashes and the five minutes of sleeping every night I am willing!

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