These types of beauty eye types, which one do you belong to?

Beauty is not always the same. Remember the Hong Kong stars of the last century. Everyone is beautiful.

The beautiful eyes are the same, Dan Fengyan, Rui Fengyan, Apricot Eye, Willow Eye, and Peach Blossom Eye, each of them is charming.

Like the Chinese actor Du Juan, although there are no deep eye sockets and wide double eyelid folds, they are still beautiful and have oriental charm.

Rui Feng eyes like Liu Yifei are not suitable for painting deep and thick smoky makeup, simple everyday eye shadows, and curled eyelashes, which are full of immortality.

Apricot eyes like Yang Mi’s eyes are upturned, the ends of the eyes are slightly down, fresh and natural.

This type of eye shape is also not suitable for painting rich and exaggerated eye makeup, and it will look uncoordinated.

Peach blossom eye is generally recognized as a good-looking eye shape. This eye is different from almond eye, and its end of the eye is slightly upturned, and its shape is like a peach flower petal.

This eye shape is a versatile model, whether it is daily small fresh or retro European and American eye makeup, you can perfectly control.

In addition to these eye shapes, there are many little fairies that are sagging “dog eyes”, the corners of their eyes are drooping, and they are very cute and cute when they smile.

Drooping eyes are not suitable for large-area dark eyeshadows, which tend to appear small and heavy. When choosing eyeshadows, try to use light colors as much as possible, and the lower the saturation, the more natural.

You can refer to Miss Zhou Dongyu, draw thin eyeliner upwards, and raise the whole trend of eyes, the whole person will look more energetic.

Today’s eye makeup is said here first, I hope everyone can find a technique that suits them, and then become beautiful without stepping on the pit.

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