Where should the highlight be


Different face shapes have different highlight positions, but the highlights are generally concentrated in the middle of the face, such as the apple muscle, the bridge of the nose, the forehead, the chin, and the triangle under the eyes.

1.the apple muscle

If you do not get oil easily, you can extend the highlight from the cheekbones to the end of the eye, and then connect it to the eyelids of the rear eyebrows. Remember to use it gently when using.

If you can easily get oil, then it is recommended to reduce the highlighting and repairing area, just draw a small circle above the cheekbones, and lighten the small area under the eyebrow.

2.the bridge of the nose

You can also use high-gloss trimming on the T-shaped area to form a narrower nose and improve the visual effect of the bridge of the nose. The forehead area only needs to lighten the eyebrows in a small area. Do not greedily put on the entire forehead. In addition, the highlights on the bridge of the nose, nose and eyes can also make the facial features more three-dimensional.

If you are worried that the oil is too serious, if you use highlight highlighting to make the T-shaped part look more oily, then it is recommended to hit the highlight on the nose and middle bridge of the nose.

3.Mouth and chin

If you want to create warped lips, you can also use highlights on both sides of the upper lip and lighten the chin at the same time.

The choice of highlight color also depends on your skin color, so that it does not look too obtrusive. For Asian women’s first yellow or cold white skin, it is more suitable for translucent or ivory highlighter. If you have a darker skin tone, it is best to choose a bronze or gold highlighter.


How does the highlight make my nose look straight?

If you want to draw a tall and three-dimensional nose, highlighting the light is not enough. You also need to use shadow, that is, repairing powder, so that you can create your favorite nose.

First of all, we need to brighten the bridge of the nose with highlights. Generally, you can use a makeup brush. It is also possible to use your hands directly, but you must pay attention to the amount of highlighter powder.

Secondly, after brightening the complete nose, we can also use our fingers to dip the highlight powder and click on the nose to make the nose look smaller. Generally speaking, we need to sweep the shadows on both sides of the bridge of the nose, pay attention not to use too much, otherwise the makeup will become dirty.

When sweeping the shadows, we need to use a makeup brush instead of fingers. We also need to bring a small amount of shadow powder to the brow bone during the sweeping process, so that the trimming of the nose is completed.

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